Mar 152014

I love knitting sweaters. Something about choosing (and tweaking) a design to match my style, crafting two-dimensional pieces to fit a three-dimensional torso, and incorporating a sweater into my daily life…so satisfying.

While I never paid much heed to the sweater curse, perhaps my superstitious subconscious led the way, and I didn’t get around to knitting my partner a sweater before we got married. Too many sweaters to knit for myself, plus he only started wearing sweaters regularly a couple years ago. Argyle pullovers are in his regular rotation, as is the color purple, and so in late 2012 I hatched a plan with his input and cast on.

Almost eighteen months later, I do wonder why I chose that light-fingering weight yarn. I prefer fine-gauge sweaters, true, but this stuff is tiny! Practically laceweight at 9 stitches per inch. The yarn knit up beautifully – Isager’s Tvinni (merino wool) in deep eggplant, medium purple, and light-medium grey.

argyle front in progress

These argyle lines are soon to disappear – too thick and high contrast

I used Erika Knight’s New Classic V-Neck pattern as the basis, adjusting for my gauge and using a more fitted variation of Charles’ favorite argyle pullover for measurements. I added a column of three tiny diamonds to the upper back for interest on the otherwise plain piece. One of the sleeves has a large diamond for an elbow “patch”. He requested asymmetrical sleeve designs, so the other has deeper ribbing and no elbow patch.

I stalled on this project for various reasons, most recently because I was worried it wouldn’t fit. When I finally finished knitting all the pieces, after blocking I basted the front, back, and one sleeve together and Charles tried it on. Success! I ripped out the basting, spent several commutes weaving in all the ends, and now I’m planning the argyle lines.

Why would the lines need planning? Well, I created my own argyle chart and didn’t plot out the lines in advance. My background color diamonds are one stitch wider than the contrast color diamonds, and so the lines would be off by one jag. When I mentioned this, Charles said he was wondering about non-traditional embroidered lines anyway…

Now to see if I can finish this project before sweater season is totally over!

Mar 152014

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog on and off for quite some time, and today is as good a day to start as any. Truly, today is the best day.

Welcome to my crafty world! I’ll share my creative projects:  lots of knitting, dabbles in other craft forms, and probably the occasional food post.