Apr 062014
Hand-marbled paper

Marbled paper from my session at Brooklyn Brainery taught by HappyGoCrafty

Last post I shared my first dabbles in learning paper marbling. What will I do with my marbled paper? I’ll use some for cards, and probably hold on to my favorites for a while. Maybe use a sheet as a background or matting for framing an embroidery project.

Searching for project inspiration, I came across decoupaged votive holders, cards, framed wall art, bookbinding, furniture(!), and more:


marbled paper boxes and envelopes (tutorial) by the Saturday Market Project

gift bag

marbled paper gift bag (tutorial) by Aunt Annie’s Crafts

Gorgeous paper weaving by Boombox Bindery

gorgeous paper weaving by Boombox Bindery

marbled paper lamp base

marbled paper lamp base by Elise Blaha Cripe

marbled paper table(!!) by Love Your Pad

marbled paper table(!!) by Love Your Pad

I also gathered a few web resources with detailed instructions, trouble shooting info, and marbling history:

  • Marbling Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Marbling Fabric by Dharma Trading Co. Even though it’s geared towards marbling fabric, this guide has lots of great info that would apply to paper as well, along with good trouble shooting tips.
  • When I mentioned my latest dabbling to marbling artist Katherine Radcliffe, she was very generous with her knowledge. Her website includes process shots and a brief history of marbling, along with images of her beautiful marbled work.
  • Marbled Paper Designs by BibliOdyssey provides an in-depth look at the history of marbling, tons of images showcasing different types of designs, and links for further exploration.

That’s probably it for my marbling dabbles for a while – at least until the end of May, when I’m hoping to orchestrate a group marbling playday.

  2 Responses to “Paper marbling: project inspiration and resources”

  1. You totally have to do that table–or at least the lamp.

    • Our coffee table has seen better days, it’s true… The lamp would be a neat addition to our space, and pretty easy to switch up if I’m in the mood for a color change.

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