Apr 232014

When I started thinking about upgrading my phone, I got unreasonably excited about finally having a phone that would fit in one of the cross-stitched cases I’ve been eyeing for years. (Since 2011, apparently! The Purl Bee got me hooked.) I picked up my case on Etsy and started stitching over the long weekend.


At the point in the stitching where it looks more like a thong than a fox face.

My interest in stitching non-fabric surfaces started when I got some pendants with laser-cut grids from Beadeaux. The design element has been a fun challenge, both conceptually and technically. I learned new skills in Illustrator for how to make grids, copy design elements for maximum efficiency, and more. (Marnie Maclean’s Illustrator tutorials were super helpful here. A couple years ago I drew on them for creating cable and lace knitting charts, and the concepts translate well.)

I played around with a fox head design for the pendants, and decided to use a larger version for my phone case – with its wide, 36 stitch grid. The apricot-neon-pink-orange thread color is a bright pick-me-up in New York’s fleeting, indecisive spring, and I love the way it plays off other cool brights, black, and silvery grey.

I’m excited to have a new project for my daily commute!

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