May 182014

Ever since I realized I could make greeting cards myself, I’ve felt strange purchasing them. When I’m pressed for time, every once in a while I’ll buy a hand-crafted card. Despite the fact that I love supporting other crafters, I often feel guilty not doing it myself. The plight of DIY – we can’t make every single thing all of the time! Some days I recognize that and can let it go better than others.

I made a card for Mother’s Day using a sheet of my hand-marbled paper – my first project from this batch. I’m feeling quite precious about several of the sheets, and not ready to commit to a project (especially when there are so many options). As I looked through my small stack, the “second-pull” sheets called to me. Sometimes enough paint was left in the tray that I could pull another print, and the result was a subtle marbled pattern.

Those Hebrew alphabet stamps sure do come in handy

“Mom”: those Hebrew alphabet stamps sure do come in handy

The purple ink needed a little something extra to pop against the purple paper. Enter glitter glue! So glad I found my childhood glitter glue stash in my parents’ house and brought it back to Brooklyn.

Stamping tends to be my default medium for making greeting cards, along with the occasional collage element. I went to Paper Presentation for the first time over the winter…what an inspiring space! Definitely worth a visit if you have even the faintest interest in paper goods and crafts. I stopped by to shop for a notebook, and left with a few new stamps as well – both the oak tree and leaf below, shown on a card I made a few months ago.

Tree stamp, I want to use you on everything.

Tree stamp, I want to use you on everything.

My family has multiple birthdays in early February. While preparing a gift package for my brother this week, I thanked my winter self for having the foresight to make an extra card when I crafted that batch. Time crunch card crafting dilemma solved!

Up next, I’ll share the gift I made for my brother’s birthday – featuring watercolor and an interactive elephant.

Do you ever make your own greeting cards? What’s your medium of choice?

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