Jun 202014

I finished stitching my foxy phone case!


The day I wove in the very last ends, I showed the photo above to a friend on my phone. Then I remembered I was holding the actual completed case, and so I flipped the phone over to reveal the case itself. Mind blown! I’ve since had lots of fun with my serendipitous new party trick.

What would a project be without a few trials on the way to the finish line? A needle broke as I was trying to weave an end in behind other stitches. And then it was totally stuck. No amount of pushing, pulling, or cussing would make it budge. I left the needle there til the end of the project, finally resorting to jewelry pliers to get it out.

Shortly after the needle-breaking incident, my right thumbnail broke below the quick (ow). Since my technique involves my thumbnail rather than a thimble, it was much harder to push the needle through the case and practically impossible to weave in the ends. This slowed me down for a couple weeks, and I pulled out my knitting projects instead to keep my hands busy.

Here’s the inside:

cross stitch foxy case back

When I was stitching in public or sharing my work-in-progress with friends, several people suggested I sell the case. While a flattering notion, selling a finished case doesn’t feel financially feasible. All these tiny stitches take a long time, and I doubt folks would be willing to pay over $100 for a non-bulletproof phone case. Instead, I’m considering putting this project together to sell as a kit with the case, floss, and pattern.

Overall, I love this project. I’m digging the tactile contrast of soft cotton and hard futuristic gadget. And now I get to see and hold a brightly patterned fox every day!


Dates worked: April 16 – June 7, 2014. I mostly stitched on this project while commuting, with occasional evening stitching as well.

DMC embroidery floss colors:
333: very dark blue violet
3849: light teal green
3843: electric blue
718: plum
318: light steel grey
3341: apricot
white sewing thread (4 strands for the eye)

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  1. So lovely! The colors are great.

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