Jul 032014

These last several weeks I’ve been working on a couple papercut projects here and there, which I find makes for relaxing, brief crafty sessions in the evenings. Sessions where I lose myself in the project with intense focus, but not for too long or my fingers turn into clawhand (still haven’t perfected a looser knife grip, clearly). Cutting away each little section of paper is extremely satisfying, and I love seeing elements of the design slowly emerge. This tree was my practice sheet from the papercut class at Brooklyn Craft Company (previously), taught by Bmorepapercuts.


And here’s a sneak peak at the other papercut project. Bunnies!


I want to check out the Brooklyn Flea market in Fort Greene to pick up some frames, both for these papercuts and for an old embroidery project that needs a home.

In other papercraft project news, I thought I did pretty well this year getting my father’s day gifts ready on time. Bakery treats purchased, gift card ready to go… Oh wait, it’s 9pm the night before I need to mail the package to get it to North Carolina by the weekend and I *totally forgot* about the card! And as I’ve mentioned, I have, shall we say, a hard time going with a storebought card instead. Enter my nighttime crafting station:


I aimed for speed here rather than fretting over an interesting design. I did fret long enough to discover I didn’t like the contrast of either apple green or sage on the purple chevron, and went with a deep inky hue instead. The Hebrew letter stamps spell out (wait for it) father.


I’m hoping to fit in lots of crafty time this long weekend, plus a long bike ride or two for my outdoor adventuring fix. Happy July!

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