Jul 282014

Before the unveiling of my knitted interactive tree project, which is still in progress (yikes, the deadline looms), I’d like to share a peek at my process notes. I’m fascinated by the process that goes into people’s creative projects, and reading Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! reinforced the importance of sharing that process for me. Kleon also curates Think Process, Not Product: A Scrapbook of Creativity Behind-the-Scenes, a collection of images where folks share their own creative processes.

Here are the index card notes that travel in my knitting bag. The text is perhaps too cryptic even for knitters. But look: purple ink, sketches, and a pretty background!


Initially I was planning on five spheres for the treetop leaves. As I was knitting, I realized three spheres seem more reasonable for the interactive element. At least, that’s the direction I’m pursuing right now.


Unveiling what I mean by “interactive”…the tree will turn inside out into an acorn! I love toys with interactive elements that invite you to play. My friend Anna’s Mochomochi Land designs have been really inspiring for me in this regard, like Which Came First and the Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse. And then there was that time I knit a snake big enough to eat a baby.


I started working on the acorn portion of the tree on Friday, and I was having trouble visualizing the inside-out connection of the two pieces. Drawing this rough sketch helped:


More to come on this project soon – crossing my fingers I can finish without losing too much sleep. The knitted piece debuts on Thursday, July 31! If you’re in the NYC area, come check it out as part of the group exhibit/performance/party PHOTOSYNTHESIZE: Creative Communion With Our Greener Teachers.

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