Aug 192014

I put the last finishing touches on my knitted acorn tree on the way to the art exhibit where it debuted. What an energizing, inspiring evening! I really enjoyed sharing my work this way – walking up to people and handing them the acorn, inviting them to explore. People’s reactions were very rewarding: squeeing, making the tree dance, snatching the toy from my hands because they saw a cute stuffie and couldn’t help themselves, kissing the acorn’s little face, etc. Now I’m working on writing up the pattern, re-knitting the acorn for process photos, and brainstorming where else to take this project.

This last week I’ve been on vacation, visiting with friends and family in NC for the first few days. Now Charles and I are enjoying a much-needed beach getaway with the pups. Saki says hello on a brief break from chasing his beloved ball and getting his face all covered with sand:


I always think vacation will make for way more knitting time than it actually does. Instead, my time is full with socializing, eating tasty food, reading, and walking outside as much as possible. And lounging. Feels just right for an August getaway!

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