Sep 052014

After months of living in a cigar box with my embroidery supplies, and with a little help from the mini iron I mentioned last time, this embroidered hedgehog is ready for a new life on display!


I finished stitching the hedgehog over a year ago, but the right frame eluded me. A trip to one of the frame vendors at Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene earlier this summer turned out this teal frame, and I’m so pleased with how it coordinates with the fabric and stitching.

The hedgehog design is by Sublime Stitching from the Forest Friends pattern pack, and the plaid fabric is from one of Charles’ old shirts.

Framing process. I used the glass from the frame itself as a template to position the design. Then I traced around the hedgehog with tailor’s chalk, marked a 1″ border all the way around the square, and cut the fabric with a rotary cutter. To make the backing, I cut a piece of foamcore the same size as the glass using an X-Acto knife. I stretched the fabric around the foamcore, and pinned it into place with flat-head dressmakers pins. (These pins were unreasonably difficult to find locally – probably because I didn’t feel like making a special trip to the garment district with nothing else on my shopping list – and I ended up ordering them online.)

Then I folded the edges over the back neatly (channeling my gift-wrapping skills) and taped them down. I felt a little squeamish about using tape on the raw edges rather than something cleaner or more fancy, like lacing the edges together with thread. But honestly, getting the project DONE was way more important to me than making the back pretty this time around.

Thank you, crafting, for providing yet another opportunity to practice letting go of my perfectionist tendencies. So, releasing the last, tiniest sprinkle of my residual shame, here’s some tape!

It feels so satisfying to have this project framed and ready to go on the gallery wall!


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