Sep 282014

Last weekend I had the joy of gifting one of my dearest friends and her now-spouse with a framed handmade papercut for their wedding. Now I can reveal the full scene of where the sneaky bunnies from this post live!


Click to embiggen for more detail

Since I had plenty of time to work on it over the summer, this was my go-to project whenever I had a few minutes to craft at my desk. With longer cutting sessions I developed the infamous claw-hand, so I was pleased with myself for not procrastinating and being able to keep my sessions short.

I picked up the distressed gold-painted frame at Brooklyn Flea on the same outing where I found the teal frame for my embroidered hedgehog.


A few detail shots:


The design is by Bmore Papercuts, all cut out with an X-acto knife by me. I hand-lettered the central part of the design, which included the bizarre task of figuring out how to write a block ampersand backwards.


And a final shot of the piece, before I adhered it to the green backing (cover weight paper chosen from the many shades of green I picked up at Paper Presentation):


Here’s the card I made, photographed while sitting outside of Looking Glass Cafe in Carrboro, NC. It was lovely to visit my old stomping grounds the day before the wedding, and to get some work and play done at one of my favorite hometown spots.


We received some very touching handmade gifts for our wedding, including cross-stitched pieces and a sewn patchwork rendering of our wedding website (which had in turn been handcrafted by Charles). I felt so loved and special that people chose to make us gifts with their very hands, and so it felt natural to channel my love and creative energy into crafting this piece for Lauren and Ryland. Lauren’s sweet reaction to the gift couldn’t have been more gratifying.

Have you ever received or given any handmade wedding gifts?

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  1. Those sneaky bunnies! This is truly a lovely gift and I know Lauren will treasure it.

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