Nov 022014

I’m feeling the startitis bug set in. I want to start a new sweater, pursue a few toy design ideas, knit slippers with leather soles, chart some colorwork for a pair of mythological tree armwarmers…basically, I want to craft ALL OF THE THINGS. I’m learning that I feel more gratification in my craft world when I finish some of the things too, so I’m forcing myself to tackle the final stages of Charles’ argyle sweater before I start on a new sweater for myself.


When I last worked on the argyle, stopping (predictably) when it got hot outside, I was stuck on stitching a tidy bind-off for the 2×2 ribbing on the neckband. Ribbing bind-offs need to be elastic enough to move with the stretchiness of the ribbing, but not so loose as to cause the ribbing to flare out. I tried following Monste Stanley’s tubular 2×2 rib BO instructions, and the results were pretty awful. A loose strands spaghetti yarn kind of mess. I’ve tubularly bound off 1×1 ribbing successfully, but this was tripping me up and I got annoyed. How dare I not immediately grasp a knitting thing I’ve never done before? Aah, those high expectations and admitting I still have things to learn…


In the clear light of early fall, I got over myself and decided to knit a couple of 2×2 rib swatches and practice different bind-offs to determine which I wanted to use for the neckband. So far I’ve tried the following:

-convert to 1×1 rib (as follows: *k1, cable next k st over p st, p1, k1, p1*), work 2 rounds of double knitting, and work a tubular BO on one needle (a la Revknits’ instructions)
-same as above, except work the tubular BO on two needles
-2×2 invisible rib bind off: video instructions

In this case, the second option gave me the tidiest finished edge. I’m happy I experimented and learned a few new bind-off techniques in the process. Now I can bind off the neck for real, seam all the pieces together, and call this sweater finished!


-I enjoyed the 2×2 rib bind off explorations in this Ravelry post though I didn’t end up using any of them.
-TECHknitting’s tubular cast off
-Ysolda’s tubular bind off

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  1. I heart that sweater.

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