Oct 042014

If you know me reasonably well or have been reading here a little while, you probably know I have a thing for quirky, adorable animals. So of course I was excited to come across the whimsical artwork of Jenn Hales while visiting Durham, NC for a wedding last month. The street fair taking over downtown was a welcome surprise, as was running into Jenn’s booth – Charles and I purchased a print of her artwork around five years ago at a street fair in Chapel Hill.

I bought a few postcards. It’s hard to imagine actually mailing them, they’re so lovely!

Postcards by Jenn Hales


Ballunar by Jenn Hales

Ninja bunnies robbing a vegetable store.

24 Carrot by Jenn Hales

“We Race”: a mysterious verdant clifftop.


Tentacular owl silliness.

Owl by Jenn Hales

On our way out of the booth, Charles spotted the 8×10″ prints and chose this piece to bring home. Now that I have both the postcard and the print, I think I can bring myself to send the postcard off for a friend to enjoy!

Double Dog  by Jenn Hales

Here’s the large print that’s been hanging in our living room(s) for several years and two moves:


For a better view of the actual work, sans reflection, check out Mushroom City.

I hope you have the pleasure of stumbling across Jenn’s booth at a craft fair! Until then, you can pick up postcards, prints, and originals from her online shop and her brick and mortar studio/shop in Raleigh, NC.